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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fitness and diet..Know Your Body!!

Hi friends,
Hope all is well wid all of you!!
Nowadays I get to watch so much of Television..and most of the shows are about celebrities!!
One such show is Bollyfood...about the food our stars eat...
The show also covers the topics of the stars fitness schedule and their dietery habits..
No wonder all of them are so energetic despite working in the most hectic Industry of the world!!

I read i, that a foetus, barely 3 months old starts exercising in its mothers body by moving its little , not yet completely formed hands and legs!!
The same goes true with might have observed that they move their hands and legs when we place them in a cradle.. the movements become fast and the baby usually gurgles along with it!!
But as our age progresses and we enter adolscence, it is said that 90% of the people forget the words Fitness and Exercise..
I have learnt a great lesson in life as I thought of all other things in life but fitness..HAD I BEEN A FITTER PERSON, I COULD HAVE BEEN MORE SUCCESSFUL!!
I am not for Size Zero ..nor Size 16, but I am for fitness...Thin or plump, our fitness is not just determined by our weight alone..Our energy levels and enthusiasm in life determine if we are fit or not..
Exercise gives us the ability to focus more..there is some high people get when they exercise..believe me..exercise is addictive!!
Along with proper exercise, the right food in the right amont at the right time is also very important..
I don't believe saying no to yummy snacks like pizzas and chaat..but if some things are taken in moderate amount, they really prove good for our health...
I often noticed that this prominent person at my previous work place arrived in odd timings many times, but his work was perfect, his mindset was excellent, and the timings never affected him adversely..
In one of the very few oppurtunities I got to speak to him, I asked how he manages that..
He said"Fitness of the body and mind"..!!
Some of us can work in odd timings and some cannot..It is alwys better for us to first Know Our Bodies, the timings when we can put our best at work, and schedule things accordingly before our immune system revolts against us..
I know friends from call centers who gracefully quit when they could not take the odd timings, scheduled life according to their body clock and  became very successful...

So after reading this today, just prepare a plan for yourself..Take a dieticians help determining what should be your ideal weight, what kind of foods you must avoid etc..
Please utilize the numerous offers made by gyms nowadays!!
Be fit in body and mind, u will be closer to success in all areas of ur life!!

These people are the true winners!

These people are the true winners!!

by Shanti Kiran on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2:19pm
Just happened to watch Rakhi Sawant's new show"ghazab desh ki ajab kahaniyaan" on NDTV Imagine..
Three guests were interviewed in the show..

The first one..born with a retarded body..he is hardly 33 inches tall(true)!!..He is from Punjab..He is the world's smallest Body builder..despite his handicap, he never fails to go to gym, and has travelled to many countries in this world..

The second one.. from Chitradurga, Karntaka..very poor labourer..failed in love at the age of 16, went to jump from Chitradurga Fort and die..As he climbed the fort, the tourists unaware of his intentions, started clapping seeing him climb the fort so efforlessly!!!
He thought"if in half an hour I can get so much appreciation, what if I start Rock climbing as a profession for life??His efforts are paying off , he is an extraordinary guy in this field..His aim now"Guinness book of world records.."

Third Guest was from Kolkata, very passionate about football..but a leg injury crashed his dreams of playing for the Indian Team..Now, so innovative is this guy, he is attempting records by keeping a football on his head continuosly for the past 3 years!!
He performs many feats with the ball on his head..and sure he will get what he wants in life...

Let's just look at them,, they are not depressed about their condition,..
Today for the first time Im unable to write much..coz these people are truly amazing..Their lives speak much more than my writing..

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Another day!!
So nice to live life !!Its raining in Hyderabad..Just staring at the rain from the window will surely refresh any tired mind..
If we add a cuppa elaichi flavored tea, mmm...and some pakoras..Perfect..!!
But life is not this perfect everyday...Mistakes do happen..and as Delhi Belly promos say" s#$% happens.." Excuse me for saying this..but it is really true..All our chidhood is spent dreaming about what a perfect and beautiful life we are going to lead, but then some dreams crash like a plane hit by a missile..
Mistakes, usually lead to a lot of hurt..they are committed unintentionally during chidhood, and later intentionally to hurt someone..

Almost all of us have been at the recieving end of these "mistakes", but to get over very intense hurt, our religions always come to our rescue..In numerous verses of the Holy Bible, forgiveness has been advocated..
"We should forgive, not for the other's person's good, but to keep ourselves free from pain"- This is the line we must have heard many times..
But none of us deserves to be hurt again and again..
If we see that someone is hurting us intentionally, we should use our gifted senses and the best way is to stay away from such people, coz many of such maniacs (yes, they are if the enjoy hurting others) get a high when others are hurt..Please be careful with such people..Sometimes, sadly we have very close relations with them in rare cases, like parents(yes, sit happens),spouse, friends, etc..
Better to severe ties with such people before they turn us into a depressed person..beccoz there is a limit to what any human being can take..

This usually happens when we fail any examination, or at workplace, or at a financial transaction all of which cause US a loss..
We blame ourselves is a really great thing if we can just put it behind and walk ahead..but unfortunately many youngsters can't do this..
Please remember ..wallowing in self-pity, or guilt is ok for a period of time like, say a month , but if it is prolonged, it leads to illnesses..acidity, depression, low appetite, losing/gaining weight...all these troubles arise, ruining the good things of life too!!
Many many celebrities, achievers have committed mistakes and failed  and only later they lived their dreams.
Bad decisions, wrong choices, choosing wrong friends, are all a part of life!

Its just normal..we sometimes have to alter our entire thought process and way of life to accomplish something..Just read about Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Alva Edison who worked actively in his lab till 80!!

Negative thoughts surely give us a little entertainment in boring times(true!thats why people get addicted to negative thinking!),but in the long-term lead to CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME..negative thoughts-ill health-again worry-more ill health becomes a vicious circle!Beware of negative thoughts!!

It's not at all a shameful thing to consult a Psychologist(not psychiatrist) or a Personality Development Trainer..
Do you guys know that all our athletes, sportsmen, Film stars, Entreprenuers have their personal Psychologist, with whom they chat often??

It's a very wise step to take when we can't forgive ourselves...It helps to cut down suicidal tendencies..You are precious, and were sent into this world with a definite purpose..but we are losing 3 lakh people every year to suicides alone, that too for problems that could be solved over a period..

Before things assume such a big form, better we resolve today that we have forgiven ourselves for all that has happened, and we have many more oppurtunities ahead, and as we live, lets's leave all the negative emotional baggage behind..Live life lite!!it improves efficiency!!
See ya again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The highest form of knowledge-KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOURSELF!!

Hi Friends,
Hope all of you are cheerful, confident, and courageously pursuing your goals, and enjoying a happy life!!
All these days I have been speaking of the modern world, bit today just for a moment, let's go back to this funny but enlightening story..
Once the Divine Sage Narada came back to the world of Gods, after learning the so called texts of wisdom, knowledge arts etc..
Proudly he visited Lord Vishnu and tried to show off what he has learnt...For a long time he was speaking of how he feels enlightened after the learnings..Lord Vishnu listened and in the end asked him what as subjects did Narada learnt , and he replied "16 forms of Arts, Lots of Literature, All the Vedas and Upanishads, and about some Divine and magical powers.."
Lord Vishnu said"It is not sufficient, please go back and learn the REAL WISDOM..
Narada was shocked, but obeyed his Lord, spent a lots of time pondering over what is the REAL WISDOM..
After many unsuccesful attempts, he went back to the Lord and pleaded him to give him a clue regarding this...
Lord Vishnu said-"KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF WISDOM"..without this allforms of technical brilliance is futile..So Narada go and attain it.."
In today's modern world too, this story holds a lot of relevance..It is really important to know what are Your choices,what You want, what You are good at, before learning about the rest..
Why is this important??
Just walk into any of the numerous MNCs and the question they surely will ask you at any stage is "Tell us something about yourself"
What is that something??
Is it just about what we studied, our hometown,or other usual details?
No.What they really are trying to extract from us is the level of our ambitions, our qualities, and our ability to utilize those qualities for Organizational Goals..
Its such a pity, thanks to our educational system , that many of the applicants just reply in one or two sentences..Surprisingly more than half of them are academically brilliant...
and what we know about ourself is a topic which too needs to be updated as time goes on..because as we grow up, better ideas are pondered over, some changes occur in the environment we live in, and it's important to be very aware of the changes within ourselves and express them...
Perhaps the answer we gave at 20 will be too immature to be given at the age of 30!!
So dear friends, KNOW THYSELF is not just a Greek saying, but is advocated through out various cultures, and even today many lectures by Spiritual Gurus and eminent personalities contain this topic..

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hey friends,.. I am happy to see that this Notes are being read by many...I hope these are useful to all.. Today I am going to talk about how we should give ourselves the best things before anyone else.. Around us we see many people SILENTLY bearing the most cruel things even when there is a society which is helpful most of the times, and laws which will surely help them out..The classic examples of such situations are Dowry Harassment, Sexual Abuse in children, Harassment at work place, exploitation by own family members in some rare cases.. These are known to the world outside only after a very horrific loss is incurred by these "victims" or after they lose their lives.. Did you ever think what makes people put up with all these things so silently?We can be sure in most of these cases that if they spoke up, they surely would have recieved some help..if not from others, they could have helped themselves by going away from the abusers.. This is called Victim Mentality..the basic underlying belief in such people is that;- "I DON"T DESERVE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE..IM NOT GUD ENOUGH...THIS IS A TEST FOR MY PATIENCE ,IN THE END PEOPLE WILL CHANGE AND LOVE ME ,SO I SHUD CONTINUE LOVING THEM, THE SOCIETY WILL TERM ME AS A DISOBEDIENT PERSON IF I REBEL..." and so's sadly noted that many of them just remain people pleasers all their lives..their thoughts just revolve around what will people say when they revolt against their conditions.. But if these people really speak up for themselves, there will be lesser crimes in this world... It is a very open fact that this Victim Mentality exists in all of human beings, but Thank God, not in the proportion mentioned above.. Often little discomforts at home and also work place are met with a smile by us..Yes, none has the super perfect life..But let us make sure that every thing remains in limits..When people cross their lines with us, whoever they may be...there is no harm in saying"Excuse Me, But This is something I can't take up".. I read an article by a lady in a Femina..For nearly 2 years , she was overburdened with office as well as household much that her health started failing, work got affected, and finally she spoke to her husband..He was surprised , and said"Dear , why did you not tell me all these days??I thought you did not need my help!!" from the very day, he shared household chores ,cut down on his partying, and took great care of her!! But care has to be taken that we are speaking for the right cause, and the purpose of our speech is true, just not to get noticed!! It's very important in today's fast paced world that children be taught to communicate everything to parents..Sexual abuse of children , and bullying are the things which go unnoticed by the parents only because the kids do not know how to say that to parents..     Some years ago, I was in dire financial probs, didn't go for coaching of ICWA...wrote the exams bad..When I met my mentor months after that and said what happened he just asked me"Beta why did you not tell me this??i could have helped you..always ask for help when you need it"..Great lesson indeed.. Top sales people in the US always teach others to ask people to buy their products..Go on asking..if you ask 100 people  atleaast 10 may purchase(The Law of Averages")   The Question is how to speak up?This requires a belief.(.Human life is based on the beliefs one puts into their minds)that you are a person who deserves the best things,coz u give your best to the world..Confident people convince others very easily..we accomplish many things that we tink of evryday..Don't we have dinner when we want to? Or go for a movie?similarly all goals are reachable!!   I would like to conclude by saying that,whether its personal problem, sales, work place or any issue with friends, just speak up..In today's world communication, courage and confidence play key roles in success..Look at our Movie stars..some of them are not even graduates, but they build up their brand value so well by being communicative..Dhiru Bhai Ambani was just a matriculate, but with his capability to convince people he built an empire equivalent to the Godrej and tatas, who have taken atleast a century to be where they are today..   Speak up today..May be we will find the solution to that very old questions in our minds, may be we will recieve that help we need right may put an end to a problem we are facing...we always go nearer to our goals by speaking up.. SPEAK UP AND GIVE YOURSELVES THE RESPECT THAT YOU GIVE OTHERS..!!  

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Believe that you are unique!

Hey Buddies...
The day is beautiful with this cloudy weather and rainfall...
Lets add value to beauty of the time passing by..
by making a very valuable investment in the most bankable asset..that's YOU!!yeah..better than any material possession in this world is owning YOURSELF..that is knowing and standing by yourself at all times..coz  you are really special,sweet!!
Today let's see how we lose our beliefs that we are UNIQUE..
First let me tell you how we all know that we are special in our childhood.Every one pampers us , no matter what!!they unconditionally love us..but as we grow up,people want us to be good at something they dream of..usually academics..Ofcourse, all of this is done by our family with the best of intentions for us..They love us,so they advice us,as our real well wishers..
But grow up further, and you won't be surprised to see many of us living for the so called "society" which mostly comprises of people with whom we don't interact with for years!!and strange what an impact they have on us!!
Education and employment are chosen on the basis of their popularity and image, rather than interest..The fear of what will society say stops many people from pursuing what they really love in life...
But in this thought process we forget something..If we pursue our passion, if it is unconventional, we will be criticized by many..but if we succeed in that, the same people will appreciate us..So follow your heart, take risks and see where your passion will take you..PASSION LEADS TO's easier to perform better when you love what you are doing..I will quote some examples, coz the aim behind writing these articles is to learn good things from our fellow human beings..It will not cost us anything ,right??

COOKING:-An unusual task which is usually pursued as a hobby, not as a profession by many in India..But look at Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal, Adithya Bal(Chak Le India, NDTV good times),and eating!!Eating has become a great career option for Rocky and Mayur on Highway On My Plate Series, now these hungry guys came up with a Book by the same name..and don't forget Ritu Dalmia for Italian Khana..!!
Globally we have Nigella Lawson, who touches the cooking ingredients as if they are the most precious in the world..!!Rachel Ray, Keith Floyd, Kylie Kwong, and many others have made a real rich living of their passion called cooking..!!
TRAVEL:- Travelling is not just a hobby for these world famous people like Ian Wright, Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain,Bobby Chinn, Andrew Zimmern and Megan McCormick..They do what they love the most and get paid for it!!

WRITING:- Chetan Bhagat left his highly paid Investment Banking job to pursue writing, which fetched him millions and movies are being made out of these stories!!All his four Novels have been best sellers..!!Jhumpa Lahiri achieved laurels at a very young age for her writing skills, Arundhati Roy got a Booker's Prize..JK Rowling..Do I need to say something about this poor single mom who couldn't afford toys for her baby once??Harry Potter gave her millions of dollars..

ANIMALS:-Steve Irwin, Jeff Corwin, Steve Leonard,Bud and Carry, Sir David Attenborough,Nick Baker, Jane Goodall were amply rewarded for their passion for animals..

Apart from these, many social workers ,entreprenuers, and unconventional artistes believed in their dreams, it was a very tough road to thier dreams, and when they achieved, the same criticizers turned into their fans!!!

Tomorrow is sit back, relax and think what your real calling is..May be you are in the right place, think of ways to perform better in the field..and if what you love is different from what you do..take little steps to ensure that you will do what you want!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

so,wat's stopping you?

Hey all,
I am back..!!!
Today we will talk about some beliefs about outselves , or some existing conditions, which block our way to achieve something..
Like.. Fear of Public Speaking:-
Miss universe 1994, Sushmita Sen was afraid to answer a question in the class, even though she knew she was right!!
Are you not in good health?:-
Stephen Hawkings, the famous scientist..just read about him..
Lack of finance?:
-Robin Sharma had almost no publisher for his book"The monk who sold his Ferrari"..had just 21 audiences for his first motivationl talk, out of which 18 were family and friends!!!
Abraham Lincoln was not only poor, but suffered from depression for a very long time..Not just that, he lost elections many times and was given the title"Joker in Politics"..Finally he became the President of the United States and abolished Slavery forever!!
Fear of starting small?:-
Biocon Queen Kiran Majumdar Shaw started with Rs.10,000, a project to extract enzymes from papaya..look at where she is today..
Indira Nooyi, the soft drink Scion.. had to wear a sari to an interview in the USA, where she completed her education, as she had no business suit was too expensive..she hailed from Tamilnadu, India.
Aishwarya Rai was rejected by an ad agency, and also turned down for a serial in Doordarshan..

Just search the net for more info on these personalities..when the above said situations arise, there screams a voice within us"you can't do it"!! but it's our duty to love ourselves unconditionally, and believe in ourselves non-stop, go and get what we want...ignore the voice which says you may be true but only for the moment you each moment fresh..prove the voice wrong!!

and next ..come the PEOPLE...who tell you n your parents that you are useless, gud for nothing etc etc in your bad times...just shrug that off..look around you..there are many people who have been ridiculed, but turned out to be the best!!
Einstein...was detained in school as a boy"who did useless calculations"..Actors like Amitabh were made fun of...I seriously believe that if many are criticizing you, you are on the way to top!!
This article is dedicated to the great traits in all of us, which at the moment, we may not know!
Tomorrow, we will talk about how each one of us is unique!!

Hi All..
This is Shanti here...A typical 25 year old..wanting to conquer the world, fight for a fair place , proving myself right,standing up for what I believe in..all the symptoms of the so called"Quarter Life Syndrome" exist here in me!! I can say I am fine, the restlessness has somewhat subsided during these 5-6 years of seeing life..
But can't keep all this happiness and peace for myself..Got to share all I have got with those who are going through a lots of questions in the beginning of their tryst with the world-"Why me"?? the question almost all of us ask God or ourselves when faced with the difficult situations in life..A break-up, rejection or losing out on that job interview, or not being able to achieve what we want,disagreement with spouse...just one of these situations is enough to break the faith we built for ourselves since years...No doubt time heals all wounds..but let's be cautious that precious years are not wasted while waiting for those fumes in the heart to be cooled down..THIS exactly is the reason why I am sharing my thoughts with the world..We are all wonderful..every creature is unique in this world...Let's uncover the mummified layers of disappointment and dampened confidence..Let's help OURSELVES and also OTHERS to become the shining personalities that we, really are..I don't claim to be an Agony Aunt, but let's share our thoughts , the best ones,so that they light the lamp in other's minds too..Isn't this sharing required to build a strong nation??By strong nation I mean people who have strength of thoughts as explained by Swami Vivekananda..Strong thoughts lead to better health, achievements and happiness..I see no reason why we should be far away from strength....Watch out for more!!!