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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Another day!!
So nice to live life !!Its raining in Hyderabad..Just staring at the rain from the window will surely refresh any tired mind..
If we add a cuppa elaichi flavored tea, mmm...and some pakoras..Perfect..!!
But life is not this perfect everyday...Mistakes do happen..and as Delhi Belly promos say" s#$% happens.." Excuse me for saying this..but it is really true..All our chidhood is spent dreaming about what a perfect and beautiful life we are going to lead, but then some dreams crash like a plane hit by a missile..
Mistakes, usually lead to a lot of hurt..they are committed unintentionally during chidhood, and later intentionally to hurt someone..

Almost all of us have been at the recieving end of these "mistakes", but to get over very intense hurt, our religions always come to our rescue..In numerous verses of the Holy Bible, forgiveness has been advocated..
"We should forgive, not for the other's person's good, but to keep ourselves free from pain"- This is the line we must have heard many times..
But none of us deserves to be hurt again and again..
If we see that someone is hurting us intentionally, we should use our gifted senses and the best way is to stay away from such people, coz many of such maniacs (yes, they are if the enjoy hurting others) get a high when others are hurt..Please be careful with such people..Sometimes, sadly we have very close relations with them in rare cases, like parents(yes, sit happens),spouse, friends, etc..
Better to severe ties with such people before they turn us into a depressed person..beccoz there is a limit to what any human being can take..

This usually happens when we fail any examination, or at workplace, or at a financial transaction all of which cause US a loss..
We blame ourselves is a really great thing if we can just put it behind and walk ahead..but unfortunately many youngsters can't do this..
Please remember ..wallowing in self-pity, or guilt is ok for a period of time like, say a month , but if it is prolonged, it leads to illnesses..acidity, depression, low appetite, losing/gaining weight...all these troubles arise, ruining the good things of life too!!
Many many celebrities, achievers have committed mistakes and failed  and only later they lived their dreams.
Bad decisions, wrong choices, choosing wrong friends, are all a part of life!

Its just normal..we sometimes have to alter our entire thought process and way of life to accomplish something..Just read about Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Alva Edison who worked actively in his lab till 80!!

Negative thoughts surely give us a little entertainment in boring times(true!thats why people get addicted to negative thinking!),but in the long-term lead to CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME..negative thoughts-ill health-again worry-more ill health becomes a vicious circle!Beware of negative thoughts!!

It's not at all a shameful thing to consult a Psychologist(not psychiatrist) or a Personality Development Trainer..
Do you guys know that all our athletes, sportsmen, Film stars, Entreprenuers have their personal Psychologist, with whom they chat often??

It's a very wise step to take when we can't forgive ourselves...It helps to cut down suicidal tendencies..You are precious, and were sent into this world with a definite purpose..but we are losing 3 lakh people every year to suicides alone, that too for problems that could be solved over a period..

Before things assume such a big form, better we resolve today that we have forgiven ourselves for all that has happened, and we have many more oppurtunities ahead, and as we live, lets's leave all the negative emotional baggage behind..Live life lite!!it improves efficiency!!
See ya again tomorrow!!

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