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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hey friends,.. I am happy to see that this Notes are being read by many...I hope these are useful to all.. Today I am going to talk about how we should give ourselves the best things before anyone else.. Around us we see many people SILENTLY bearing the most cruel things even when there is a society which is helpful most of the times, and laws which will surely help them out..The classic examples of such situations are Dowry Harassment, Sexual Abuse in children, Harassment at work place, exploitation by own family members in some rare cases.. These are known to the world outside only after a very horrific loss is incurred by these "victims" or after they lose their lives.. Did you ever think what makes people put up with all these things so silently?We can be sure in most of these cases that if they spoke up, they surely would have recieved some help..if not from others, they could have helped themselves by going away from the abusers.. This is called Victim Mentality..the basic underlying belief in such people is that;- "I DON"T DESERVE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE..IM NOT GUD ENOUGH...THIS IS A TEST FOR MY PATIENCE ,IN THE END PEOPLE WILL CHANGE AND LOVE ME ,SO I SHUD CONTINUE LOVING THEM, THE SOCIETY WILL TERM ME AS A DISOBEDIENT PERSON IF I REBEL..." and so's sadly noted that many of them just remain people pleasers all their lives..their thoughts just revolve around what will people say when they revolt against their conditions.. But if these people really speak up for themselves, there will be lesser crimes in this world... It is a very open fact that this Victim Mentality exists in all of human beings, but Thank God, not in the proportion mentioned above.. Often little discomforts at home and also work place are met with a smile by us..Yes, none has the super perfect life..But let us make sure that every thing remains in limits..When people cross their lines with us, whoever they may be...there is no harm in saying"Excuse Me, But This is something I can't take up".. I read an article by a lady in a Femina..For nearly 2 years , she was overburdened with office as well as household much that her health started failing, work got affected, and finally she spoke to her husband..He was surprised , and said"Dear , why did you not tell me all these days??I thought you did not need my help!!" from the very day, he shared household chores ,cut down on his partying, and took great care of her!! But care has to be taken that we are speaking for the right cause, and the purpose of our speech is true, just not to get noticed!! It's very important in today's fast paced world that children be taught to communicate everything to parents..Sexual abuse of children , and bullying are the things which go unnoticed by the parents only because the kids do not know how to say that to parents..     Some years ago, I was in dire financial probs, didn't go for coaching of ICWA...wrote the exams bad..When I met my mentor months after that and said what happened he just asked me"Beta why did you not tell me this??i could have helped you..always ask for help when you need it"..Great lesson indeed.. Top sales people in the US always teach others to ask people to buy their products..Go on asking..if you ask 100 people  atleaast 10 may purchase(The Law of Averages")   The Question is how to speak up?This requires a belief.(.Human life is based on the beliefs one puts into their minds)that you are a person who deserves the best things,coz u give your best to the world..Confident people convince others very easily..we accomplish many things that we tink of evryday..Don't we have dinner when we want to? Or go for a movie?similarly all goals are reachable!!   I would like to conclude by saying that,whether its personal problem, sales, work place or any issue with friends, just speak up..In today's world communication, courage and confidence play key roles in success..Look at our Movie stars..some of them are not even graduates, but they build up their brand value so well by being communicative..Dhiru Bhai Ambani was just a matriculate, but with his capability to convince people he built an empire equivalent to the Godrej and tatas, who have taken atleast a century to be where they are today..   Speak up today..May be we will find the solution to that very old questions in our minds, may be we will recieve that help we need right may put an end to a problem we are facing...we always go nearer to our goals by speaking up.. SPEAK UP AND GIVE YOURSELVES THE RESPECT THAT YOU GIVE OTHERS..!!  

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