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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The highest form of knowledge-KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOURSELF!!

Hi Friends,
Hope all of you are cheerful, confident, and courageously pursuing your goals, and enjoying a happy life!!
All these days I have been speaking of the modern world, bit today just for a moment, let's go back to this funny but enlightening story..
Once the Divine Sage Narada came back to the world of Gods, after learning the so called texts of wisdom, knowledge arts etc..
Proudly he visited Lord Vishnu and tried to show off what he has learnt...For a long time he was speaking of how he feels enlightened after the learnings..Lord Vishnu listened and in the end asked him what as subjects did Narada learnt , and he replied "16 forms of Arts, Lots of Literature, All the Vedas and Upanishads, and about some Divine and magical powers.."
Lord Vishnu said"It is not sufficient, please go back and learn the REAL WISDOM..
Narada was shocked, but obeyed his Lord, spent a lots of time pondering over what is the REAL WISDOM..
After many unsuccesful attempts, he went back to the Lord and pleaded him to give him a clue regarding this...
Lord Vishnu said-"KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF WISDOM"..without this allforms of technical brilliance is futile..So Narada go and attain it.."
In today's modern world too, this story holds a lot of relevance..It is really important to know what are Your choices,what You want, what You are good at, before learning about the rest..
Why is this important??
Just walk into any of the numerous MNCs and the question they surely will ask you at any stage is "Tell us something about yourself"
What is that something??
Is it just about what we studied, our hometown,or other usual details?
No.What they really are trying to extract from us is the level of our ambitions, our qualities, and our ability to utilize those qualities for Organizational Goals..
Its such a pity, thanks to our educational system , that many of the applicants just reply in one or two sentences..Surprisingly more than half of them are academically brilliant...
and what we know about ourself is a topic which too needs to be updated as time goes on..because as we grow up, better ideas are pondered over, some changes occur in the environment we live in, and it's important to be very aware of the changes within ourselves and express them...
Perhaps the answer we gave at 20 will be too immature to be given at the age of 30!!
So dear friends, KNOW THYSELF is not just a Greek saying, but is advocated through out various cultures, and even today many lectures by Spiritual Gurus and eminent personalities contain this topic..

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