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Friday, 1 January 2016

Do you think the thin girls have it easy?

I was listening to Meghan Trainor's "All about the bass" the other day, Though the song is very catchy and good, I couldn't listen till the end. It had lyrics how skinny girls are bad and girls should have some curves etc kind of lyrics.
We have many thin celebs who have made headlines, and everyone wants to be size Zero,
But life isn't easy for thin girls either.
I have always been thin since a childhood, and ridiculed for being so by friends and strangers alike.

As I completed 16 years of age I gained some weight, but thanks to my job in shifts I became the thinnest by 22.
Everyone gave me lengthy advices on how men do not like girls like me.
Excuse me, but many of my well-built girls were said the same too !
So, we are unofficially living to gain or lose weight according to men's choice of girls?
I remember many asking me

"Why are you so confident? You are too thin and don't have conventional measurements?"

"How come you wear all the clothes which show your thin built?"

"How can you be so happy knowing that you are flat from many angles?"

"You are just a bad looking graduate with no money and earning less. What will you be in life"?

"Do you even understand that you may NEVER be liked by men if you continue looking like this?"

I clearly know that wearing a saree in a family/friend's wedding is supposed to show all our curves and entice guys around to marry us!! Makes me laugh. Are we so desperate? What are we?

I have seen movies with aunt's dialogues like  "I will make this girl's mosquito bites look like juicy mangoes in his dress!"

Well, we may have bust of 32 or 42, but what does anything have to do with confidence, intelligence and genuine intentions?

And do you guys get same advice? However a man looks, the fact that he is a "man" compensates for everything he lacks. And his income will do magic for him.
But we are that "fat unmarried girl" or "that thin girl who comes home at 2 am from work".

Those who are thick skinned like me will shoo away all the naysayers whose only ambition in life is to make others feel low about themselves.
But there are many who take this to heart. Especially after becoming mommies, many girls keep to themselves, stop socializing and feel bad about their tummies and crib about their weight non-stop.
In the worst cases, hubbies complain about how their wife has become fat and criticise her for weight gain, forgetting about their own protruding bellies. They do not consider the fact that she needs to be treated for a health ailment. It is not concern. It is criticism.

 I was never embarassed about my tummy during pregnancy and told myself "Ok, I may gain lots of weight, and have a scarred tummy after becoming a mom, so what? I want a healthy baby and don't care for anything else".
 Ladies, it is high time that we stop bothering about our size and focus on our fitness. Invest some time or money for 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Check your energy levels. I gave up carbs recently and feel better. Add lots of fresh fruit to meals, and avoid processed food.
Whatever size, let's feel good about ourselves, avoid guilt and worry and focus on goals we have for ourselves.
Our concern should be to develop ourselves according to our aspirations. Doesn't matter what size we belong to.

-Shanthi Komaravolu.