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Friday, 22 July 2011

Hi All..
This is Shanti here...A typical 25 year old..wanting to conquer the world, fight for a fair place , proving myself right,standing up for what I believe in..all the symptoms of the so called"Quarter Life Syndrome" exist here in me!! I can say I am fine, the restlessness has somewhat subsided during these 5-6 years of seeing life..
But can't keep all this happiness and peace for myself..Got to share all I have got with those who are going through a lots of questions in the beginning of their tryst with the world-"Why me"?? the question almost all of us ask God or ourselves when faced with the difficult situations in life..A break-up, rejection or losing out on that job interview, or not being able to achieve what we want,disagreement with spouse...just one of these situations is enough to break the faith we built for ourselves since years...No doubt time heals all wounds..but let's be cautious that precious years are not wasted while waiting for those fumes in the heart to be cooled down..THIS exactly is the reason why I am sharing my thoughts with the world..We are all wonderful..every creature is unique in this world...Let's uncover the mummified layers of disappointment and dampened confidence..Let's help OURSELVES and also OTHERS to become the shining personalities that we, really are..I don't claim to be an Agony Aunt, but let's share our thoughts , the best ones,so that they light the lamp in other's minds too..Isn't this sharing required to build a strong nation??By strong nation I mean people who have strength of thoughts as explained by Swami Vivekananda..Strong thoughts lead to better health, achievements and happiness..I see no reason why we should be far away from strength....Watch out for more!!!

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