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Friday, 22 July 2011

so,wat's stopping you?

Hey all,
I am back..!!!
Today we will talk about some beliefs about outselves , or some existing conditions, which block our way to achieve something..
Like.. Fear of Public Speaking:-
Miss universe 1994, Sushmita Sen was afraid to answer a question in the class, even though she knew she was right!!
Are you not in good health?:-
Stephen Hawkings, the famous scientist..just read about him..
Lack of finance?:
-Robin Sharma had almost no publisher for his book"The monk who sold his Ferrari"..had just 21 audiences for his first motivationl talk, out of which 18 were family and friends!!!
Abraham Lincoln was not only poor, but suffered from depression for a very long time..Not just that, he lost elections many times and was given the title"Joker in Politics"..Finally he became the President of the United States and abolished Slavery forever!!
Fear of starting small?:-
Biocon Queen Kiran Majumdar Shaw started with Rs.10,000, a project to extract enzymes from papaya..look at where she is today..
Indira Nooyi, the soft drink Scion.. had to wear a sari to an interview in the USA, where she completed her education, as she had no business suit was too expensive..she hailed from Tamilnadu, India.
Aishwarya Rai was rejected by an ad agency, and also turned down for a serial in Doordarshan..

Just search the net for more info on these personalities..when the above said situations arise, there screams a voice within us"you can't do it"!! but it's our duty to love ourselves unconditionally, and believe in ourselves non-stop, go and get what we want...ignore the voice which says you may be true but only for the moment you each moment fresh..prove the voice wrong!!

and next ..come the PEOPLE...who tell you n your parents that you are useless, gud for nothing etc etc in your bad times...just shrug that off..look around you..there are many people who have been ridiculed, but turned out to be the best!!
Einstein...was detained in school as a boy"who did useless calculations"..Actors like Amitabh were made fun of...I seriously believe that if many are criticizing you, you are on the way to top!!
This article is dedicated to the great traits in all of us, which at the moment, we may not know!
Tomorrow, we will talk about how each one of us is unique!!

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