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Sunday, 4 September 2011

These people are the true winners!

These people are the true winners!!

by Shanti Kiran on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2:19pm
Just happened to watch Rakhi Sawant's new show"ghazab desh ki ajab kahaniyaan" on NDTV Imagine..
Three guests were interviewed in the show..

The first one..born with a retarded body..he is hardly 33 inches tall(true)!!..He is from Punjab..He is the world's smallest Body builder..despite his handicap, he never fails to go to gym, and has travelled to many countries in this world..

The second one.. from Chitradurga, Karntaka..very poor labourer..failed in love at the age of 16, went to jump from Chitradurga Fort and die..As he climbed the fort, the tourists unaware of his intentions, started clapping seeing him climb the fort so efforlessly!!!
He thought"if in half an hour I can get so much appreciation, what if I start Rock climbing as a profession for life??His efforts are paying off , he is an extraordinary guy in this field..His aim now"Guinness book of world records.."

Third Guest was from Kolkata, very passionate about football..but a leg injury crashed his dreams of playing for the Indian Team..Now, so innovative is this guy, he is attempting records by keeping a football on his head continuosly for the past 3 years!!
He performs many feats with the ball on his head..and sure he will get what he wants in life...

Let's just look at them,, they are not depressed about their condition,..
Today for the first time Im unable to write much..coz these people are truly amazing..Their lives speak much more than my writing..

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