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Friday, 16 October 2015

Atul Dwivedi - Hybrid Pop in Hollywood.

Have you heard of a small town boy interested in making music for Hollywood?
Small town to Hollywood. 
Many would have told him that it is impossible, but why would a dreaming mind and a heart that is set on music listen?
Now the dream has come true.
I remember the time five years ago when me and this guy who plays guitar really well were talking about future plans at the backstage of a Corporate Annual function. He said "Music, only music." I couldn't believe it back then. A software professional wants to be a musician?
A couple of years later, I was surprised to see some online music news with his picture..yes..I recognized him..Atul Dwivedi.

He hails from a small city called Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. His dad Chandrasekhar Dwivedi serves in Excise Police. His mom Somwati Dwivedi is a nursery school teacher. He has two brothers and a sister.
He started playing Indian Percussion, and followed with vocals, guitar and keyboard soon.
He was always a topper in studies which led him to IIIT Hyderabad. His musical dreams never left him, and he wanted to make music for Hollywood to offer something really different. He worked with IT companies to save money and moved to LA.
I am amazed. Totally.
No money, and dreaming of Hollywood?
His latest album Emotions has released on October 2, 2015 and making waves.
His song "Good Meal " has made it to the Top 10 food songs ever. (Ranked no.3 and we should all be really proud of this boy.)

Please watch the latest song "Emotions"..

Everyday many of us spend time in self-doubt. Let us learn from this guy who fought all the odds for his dream.There is no "Nay" from outside. It comes from our doubtful minds. Let's say "Yay" to ambitions however difficult they are..Let's make our people proud just like Atul did. He succeeded in giving Indian music to the world. He has worked with the greatest talents in Hollywood within a short span by creating music which is unique.
Atul, we wish you all the best for your ventures and keep rocking!