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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Unlearning for the unhappy people- 2

The process of unlearning, is not a very conscious one.
In this world where we live, we have bitter experiences with people who insult us based on what material possessions we do not have.
No one wants to look at the generous heart or a beautiful mind. People are thirsty for a good word. We know we chase our bosses for compliments about that project, but rarely appreciate the homemaker for the great work she does at home.
Everyone wants success, wealth or love, those who could not get these are either ending their lives or living very unhappy. Just a minute talk with them can tell us that they need help.

Instead of going on with such experiences, I decided to trust my instincts and the wisdom gifted to us by our ancient Vedas.
Good or bad, nothing is temporary in this world. This is one ultimate truth. Tried and tested.
Perhaps we can never erase bad memories, what we can do is fill ourselves with good things, good thoughts which are not connected with the sphere of your problems.

If you are had bad experiences in life, seen failure or family problems, or are an underachiever, I really appreciate you for the fact that you chose to live life bravely. It shows you are willing to give life another chance when some highly qualified and successful people chose to kill themselves as they did not get an unnecessary thing like love. I am saying unnecessary as we do not need anything from the people who have no feelings for us.
If we are losers, still there are people who need us. Animal shelters and orphanages, and that child who is going to die with cancer, all are in need of love and care.Why not give it?

If we lost love, we should know that our country is overpopulated. There are fantastic people out there.
If we lost a goal, there are many other paths open for us.
Another secret..go look at the moon and stars beautiful are these free gifts of nature. Sun rise, sun set, are calling us every day. If possible, get a telescope and see all the planets..Tell me your feelings. I got over my sad days with a telescope.
Think about space, space crafts and satellites, watch videos about what a satellite can do..see International Space Station live..amazing.
There are hobbies like photography, poetry, fitness, which can be done on a limited buget, or free.
The secret of unlearning is to keep on learning new things everyday, feel fresh, and feel young, day after day, every day.
As you are reading this, millions of new blood cells are born in your body, please don't let your past stop your new, fresh thoughts.

Next blog is about what to empty from the mind.

Unlearning for the unhappy people -1

Once my mentor said "You need to unlearn".I was puzzled at the age of 22 when I heard this.
It was a difficult time, unable to concentrate, or be confident.
I remember not all feeling fresh in my mind.I woke up dull and dragged myself through the day, resulting in lost goals and frustration.
After many years I understood the meaning, I have been unlearning without my knowledge.
It means letting go of today. Not just the sorrows and failures, but also the joys, achievements  and happy moments of the day, and be able to give tomorrow, whatever we have.

Let us see how people become unhappy. I agree there are many who emerge happy even in the worst situation, but my concern is towards those who could not.

It sounds easy with just two paras, but those with difficult pasts understand what I say. Some incidents leave their imprints especially on young minds. Sooner or later, these images, thoughts, and emotions need to be out. It does not vanish when we are busy, instead, along with a packed calender, these feelings drain us.
With low energy it is hard to get what we want. Only frustration is easy.
A number of kids are facing difficulty every day with monetory and family problems in our vast country with teeming billion of population.
We have a fairly good education system which keeps a track of the child's score in various subjects, but do we really care about their emotions? What is the special care taken of a child who is unhappy most of the time? Are the parents being informed and counselled? Is there atleast one counsellor in every school?
We give "personal" tags to family situations which need attention from others. As a result it becomes a lonely battle for the kids.
With time, things get worse, just like garbage piles up in an uncleared bin.
In the next post, I will write about the process of unlearning in detail.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Baffling breaks!

A mom watches her "independent" daughter cook noodles with capsicum and tons of paneer, but only after tasting it, realizes it's her recipe!
A notably healthy mom serves her underweight son ready made soups, as if he got to lose more weight!
If a woman is irritated to find socks for her husband, her stomach may not be clean, her fault!
A cookery show winner serving her malnourished kids noodles out of packet, when she is an expert in cooking.
A couple making out on elevators without the fear of slipping, breaking bones and not being able to makeout forever.

Many actresses promote cosmetic products..Can you believe that these celebs actually use hair removing creams every week like a budget limited college gal? And those cheap shampoos which aggrevate my dandruff to the next level?Really? Rofl!

That toilet cleaner ad, whose timing directly co-incides with my meals.Agree?

Hilarious are the ad-makers, who think anything seasoned with emotions, cricket and cinema will make the middle-class people form a beeline to get the product from a nearest store!

And here is icing on the cake.All these television shopping channels deserve Kela awards for their acting on how a home maker can utilize her romantic skills by using a roti maker.

A pendant can change your life from a loser to a celeb, you can grow taller at 30, can lose weight in a jiffy with some herbal tea, without moving our behinds from the couch.

Some duplicate of Chavanprash can help one seduce more than one partner.A naughty sofa can replace all the furniture, some trashy green herbal solution when applied on face can make your every inch fairer!!Wow..Wonderful..please order it right away and give all credit card details like a fool to their call centre guys!!Surprise gifts are waiting for you!! 

Never miss the enthusiasm of these shopping guides, or some girl with ample cleavage display recommending a memory boosting product (yes, brain), and a famished guy with a girl painfully explaining how you will lose everything if you dont purchase that low quality mobile with ten thousand features being given away "almost free", combined with some unnecessary gifts only for 4999 bucks!
Purchase right away!Limited stocks, whenever you switch on the TV!
These ads may not kill me, but do cause stomach ache as I laugh uncontrollably imagining what happens if I use them! Wanna try?!!

Check out the <a href='' target='_blank'>#CrashThePepsiIPL</a> videos & participate in the activity at <a href='' target='_blank'>BlogAdda</a>

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The secrets of multitasking without stress.2.

3.Understand that you can do it.
The human brain is a machine which can do anything which the mind says through thoughts. We all know how wonderful things are done by many in this lovely competitive world.

4.Invest less in emotions.
Kindly don't be emotional beyond a limit. Emotions can drain the brain quickly. Hopes and ambitions need to be realistic.No harm in aiming for the stars, but your ladder should be strong enough.

5.Focus and be happy.
Actress Bipasha Basu once said "I don't think beyond the work I am doing at the moment.".
Be happy while doing a task.That happiness is the secret of life.
It gives energy and enthusiasm to go for the next task.

6.Its there, just unearth it.
Many of our talents, unless it is an entirely new aspect, is already existing in our subconscious mind.We might have painted, sung, or made profit selling stuff while still studying. If not, we can always use the web for information.

7.Know why multitasking is important.
Once we know the importance of a certain attribute, it's easier to cultivate it.
Multitasking is not rocket science. You can see your mom for example, milk on the stove, dressing you up for school, while telling your dad where his socks are kept.
A homemaker is an epitome of multitasking. But it is usually women who have a low confidence about this in towns with people saying"Tu nahi karpaayegi yeh sab, tere bas ki baat nahin.."

By doing more than one task, we are spreading the risk, or having a back up. Regular participation in creative pursuits eases mind off the stress of a routine life.A Cardiologist in Hyderabad plays small roles in Telugu movies, which he calls "a second life. He claims it relaxes him.
Knowingly or otherwise, we are all doing so many tasks. By doing more work, we are spreading our wings in different areas of excellence. Its a great feeling to know that our potential is unlimited. We are all born to achieve great things.

7. Let it go.
Do one task regularly from which you do not expect any gain. It brings lots of peace of mind. Our lives have almost no area from which we donot expect anything. Its bliss to do what we like, even if it doesn't mean income.

Do a different work out everyday.Yoga, skipping, push-ups, stretches. all promote healthy endorphins in the bosy, keeping us energized.

10.Journal and Planning.
Maintain a journal, where you can check your progress on every task. One of India's top entreprenuers is known to plan his life such that he knows what he will be doing next year on a particular day.

Stay Inspired, Celebrate life!!

The secrets of multitasking without stress.1

Hi all,
Hope you are fine, and I guess many of you are reading this blog while Facebooking, or chatting with friends, or listening to your child make some demand, or trying to answer when the maid is complaining about the new washing machine.
I remember there were super smart people at my school and college who excelled in dance, studies, and drawing, ditto at work place, some completed CA and ICWA while into a full time job.
Here I was, exhausted doing one particular thing.
Multitasking has assumed all the more importance nowadays, leaving people stressed.
Humans are supposed to be able to many things, then why stress? Perhaps we are using our capabilities in a wrong way?
Later, I ignored all these, but dreams, never die. After a baby, when almost all tell us"Your life is over", I wanted a new beginning. I started my research on excellence again. Here are the outcomes.

1.Learn from others.
Chanakya rightly said "A lifetime is not enough to learn from our own mistakes".
The smart way is to learn from reading this blog..:-) you have saved five years of researching about life , how to be happy, etc:-) Spend them on yourself, your loved ones, and your career.!I have done all the stuff and happy to share..Surely its the best for all of us to learn from others as none is perfect. We got to look at others for what we don't know.

Many of us, especially women, tend to take all upon ourselves. We will not be satisfied if someone else does certain things we are used to do.
This is an important aspect. Look at all celebs and our rulers.They do only those things which are most important. All the other work is delegated to others, and just needs occasional checking.
At home, give more tasks to the maid, and complete those pending courses.

Much more in next blog on same topic..