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Saturday, 28 November 2015


We witnessed a mass outrage when an actor commented his wife finds this nation unsafe. Really nasty. Instead of sorting it in privacy of his home he sparked a controversy.
So, what is our fault?
For starters, we are "masses" in everyones dictionary. The business tycoons, politicians, actors, sportspersons, all have one target...

The Masses.

Everyone wants to either impress or enrage us...
Teeming millions of people in this country who belong mostly to the middle class. Everyone knows that if they can get 100 INR profit from each of us, they can amass billions for their successors.

 I am not asking anyone to stop entertainment. We overdo things. We need an ultra rich guy to speak about how wealth, fortune, power or fame are not at all important. They who spend very little time with families to have astounding success and huge fortunes "confess" on public platforms that they live a simple life. Strangely, every wedding in their family is attended only by the VIPs of all fields.

There is a winnng formula for all the affluent. Their families are coincidentally composed of politicians from all parties, so that atleast one will be in power, along with actors, and entreprenuers.
Unaware of these details, we all subconsciously decide upon living a quiet and simple life without the need of expanding our abilities.

Why do they do that? Ok, imagine, if all the affluent start bragging openly about how enjoyable is a rich life, all of us will aspire to become that and who will be the masses? NONE.
Who will buy the cheap products?? Who will buy tickets in theatres? Who will believe that a beautiful actress uses make-up saaman of 100 bucks? Or a rich actor buying kiraana stuff online to save money???  Or get shocked when we read of an affair or a wardrobe malfunction????

Everyone targets us. Everyone's craving for attention to benefit. I am not against them, Neither am I advising everyone to stay off entertainment. All I am wondering is if we are so mportant why are our roads nasty?? Why are the railway stations so dirty and airports damn neat??  Why do only expensive cars have air bags??  Why are our homemakers still depressed??  Why isn't proper education/roads/ hospitals available in remote villages? Why do our farmers die??

And OUR fault. Perhaps we can divert our attention to little things around and spread them.
An aunty in the neighbourhod is feeding 20 dogs everyday..We don't know much of her. Our brave soldiers are fighting for us. The NGO in our city is fighting for rape victims and acid attackers. We are not bothered.
All we are bothered is about watching trailors of the upcoming movies, or the latest cricket match from which we lose sometime and gain not a rupee. We speak bad about our own girls when they are happily single just like our favorite star.That stupid debate among some crackheads which leads to no conclusion grabs al our attention. All this leads to the rich becoming richer and we have complaints about that.

How many positive or real news actually make it to the headlines?? Why don't positive videos go viral?? Why are we so concerned with what an actor/cricketer wears, or says or eats or shits? Millions of followers of an already super rich celebrity. And people hardly know of a successful entreprenuer
who made it big and has a truly inspiring story.

And yeah, it's a country where 1.2 billion population is following may be a 2000 odd people like herds (which I read somewhere ..Following on Twitter and Facebook will be more ofcourse!)
So are we herds like cattle??? Or we can think over it..
I totally understand if you are wondering who is she to write all this and question the very normal stuff when she is not a star..Yeah ..right..