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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Unlearning for the unhappy people- 2

The process of unlearning, is not a very conscious one.
In this world where we live, we have bitter experiences with people who insult us based on what material possessions we do not have.
No one wants to look at the generous heart or a beautiful mind. People are thirsty for a good word. We know we chase our bosses for compliments about that project, but rarely appreciate the homemaker for the great work she does at home.
Everyone wants success, wealth or love, those who could not get these are either ending their lives or living very unhappy. Just a minute talk with them can tell us that they need help.

Instead of going on with such experiences, I decided to trust my instincts and the wisdom gifted to us by our ancient Vedas.
Good or bad, nothing is temporary in this world. This is one ultimate truth. Tried and tested.
Perhaps we can never erase bad memories, what we can do is fill ourselves with good things, good thoughts which are not connected with the sphere of your problems.

If you are had bad experiences in life, seen failure or family problems, or are an underachiever, I really appreciate you for the fact that you chose to live life bravely. It shows you are willing to give life another chance when some highly qualified and successful people chose to kill themselves as they did not get an unnecessary thing like love. I am saying unnecessary as we do not need anything from the people who have no feelings for us.
If we are losers, still there are people who need us. Animal shelters and orphanages, and that child who is going to die with cancer, all are in need of love and care.Why not give it?

If we lost love, we should know that our country is overpopulated. There are fantastic people out there.
If we lost a goal, there are many other paths open for us.
Another secret..go look at the moon and stars beautiful are these free gifts of nature. Sun rise, sun set, are calling us every day. If possible, get a telescope and see all the planets..Tell me your feelings. I got over my sad days with a telescope.
Think about space, space crafts and satellites, watch videos about what a satellite can do..see International Space Station live..amazing.
There are hobbies like photography, poetry, fitness, which can be done on a limited buget, or free.
The secret of unlearning is to keep on learning new things everyday, feel fresh, and feel young, day after day, every day.
As you are reading this, millions of new blood cells are born in your body, please don't let your past stop your new, fresh thoughts.

Next blog is about what to empty from the mind.

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