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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The secrets of multitasking without stress.2.

3.Understand that you can do it.
The human brain is a machine which can do anything which the mind says through thoughts. We all know how wonderful things are done by many in this lovely competitive world.

4.Invest less in emotions.
Kindly don't be emotional beyond a limit. Emotions can drain the brain quickly. Hopes and ambitions need to be realistic.No harm in aiming for the stars, but your ladder should be strong enough.

5.Focus and be happy.
Actress Bipasha Basu once said "I don't think beyond the work I am doing at the moment.".
Be happy while doing a task.That happiness is the secret of life.
It gives energy and enthusiasm to go for the next task.

6.Its there, just unearth it.
Many of our talents, unless it is an entirely new aspect, is already existing in our subconscious mind.We might have painted, sung, or made profit selling stuff while still studying. If not, we can always use the web for information.

7.Know why multitasking is important.
Once we know the importance of a certain attribute, it's easier to cultivate it.
Multitasking is not rocket science. You can see your mom for example, milk on the stove, dressing you up for school, while telling your dad where his socks are kept.
A homemaker is an epitome of multitasking. But it is usually women who have a low confidence about this in towns with people saying"Tu nahi karpaayegi yeh sab, tere bas ki baat nahin.."

By doing more than one task, we are spreading the risk, or having a back up. Regular participation in creative pursuits eases mind off the stress of a routine life.A Cardiologist in Hyderabad plays small roles in Telugu movies, which he calls "a second life. He claims it relaxes him.
Knowingly or otherwise, we are all doing so many tasks. By doing more work, we are spreading our wings in different areas of excellence. Its a great feeling to know that our potential is unlimited. We are all born to achieve great things.

7. Let it go.
Do one task regularly from which you do not expect any gain. It brings lots of peace of mind. Our lives have almost no area from which we donot expect anything. Its bliss to do what we like, even if it doesn't mean income.

Do a different work out everyday.Yoga, skipping, push-ups, stretches. all promote healthy endorphins in the bosy, keeping us energized.

10.Journal and Planning.
Maintain a journal, where you can check your progress on every task. One of India's top entreprenuers is known to plan his life such that he knows what he will be doing next year on a particular day.

Stay Inspired, Celebrate life!!

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