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Monday, 4 May 2015

Get rid of the "extras".

badge Hope you are having a great time re-inventing yourselves.Just happened to see the new Etihad Commercial featuring Nicole Kidman. Re-Imagine. What a word!
Spent all these days in vacationing and watching some motivational stuff like the movie "Jobs".
Seems Ashton Kutcher charged $700000 for every episode of "Two and a Half Men" seasons 9 and 10,
Most of the people we see around are struggling with bills, loans, and daily routines, how come a select few like the above mentioned ones earn or live an epic life?
Have you ever wondered?
Many expensive car companies do not run ads on TV regularly as the actual very rich buyers never spend hours watching what they do not need.
This is the one word which separates the great from the rest. Let's see what is the first step.It is not about doing all is required. It is also about NOT doing certain things.
Till some time ago I spent hours watching crime scene investigation videos, post mortem videos and other scary, useless stuff on Youtube.
Later it dawned on me that I am spending lots of hours on something which may not even be healthy for my mind, and cannot help me get ahead in life.
Robin Sharma says "We live in the era of dramatic distractions, the one who focuses on what is required, wins."
As the Satellite channels are getting richer, many of us are getting poorer in terms of relations with family and friends, and our own talent,by watching 4 hours of news and baseless debates. . I am not against entertainment, everyone needs it in a healthy quantity. But lets check if we are being tricked by these horrible serial producers and news channels to watch nonsense by creating some emotional link? How many crying scenes are real on these Reality shows?
Is someone using our addictive behaviour to get rich? Refusing to eat if a character dies in a stupid saas bahu serial?Leaving kids unattended on roads to watch soaps?
Are we being over informed?
In order to run a 24 hour channel, most of them rely on celeb gossips, fake news, unnecessary sensational stuff, scandals, etc..Some people become irritable after watching this, Blood pressure variations and anxiety are common in people who watch overly emotional stuff on TV. Hey come on, even I love TV, and not saying shut it off, but lets check "how much is too much?" and make sure its not affecting our productivity and relations with REAL people around us.

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