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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Unlearning for the unhappy people -1

Once my mentor said "You need to unlearn".I was puzzled at the age of 22 when I heard this.
It was a difficult time, unable to concentrate, or be confident.
I remember not all feeling fresh in my mind.I woke up dull and dragged myself through the day, resulting in lost goals and frustration.
After many years I understood the meaning, I have been unlearning without my knowledge.
It means letting go of today. Not just the sorrows and failures, but also the joys, achievements  and happy moments of the day, and be able to give tomorrow, whatever we have.

Let us see how people become unhappy. I agree there are many who emerge happy even in the worst situation, but my concern is towards those who could not.

It sounds easy with just two paras, but those with difficult pasts understand what I say. Some incidents leave their imprints especially on young minds. Sooner or later, these images, thoughts, and emotions need to be out. It does not vanish when we are busy, instead, along with a packed calender, these feelings drain us.
With low energy it is hard to get what we want. Only frustration is easy.
A number of kids are facing difficulty every day with monetory and family problems in our vast country with teeming billion of population.
We have a fairly good education system which keeps a track of the child's score in various subjects, but do we really care about their emotions? What is the special care taken of a child who is unhappy most of the time? Are the parents being informed and counselled? Is there atleast one counsellor in every school?
We give "personal" tags to family situations which need attention from others. As a result it becomes a lonely battle for the kids.
With time, things get worse, just like garbage piles up in an uncleared bin.
In the next post, I will write about the process of unlearning in detail.

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