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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The secrets of multitasking without stress.1

Hi all,
Hope you are fine, and I guess many of you are reading this blog while Facebooking, or chatting with friends, or listening to your child make some demand, or trying to answer when the maid is complaining about the new washing machine.
I remember there were super smart people at my school and college who excelled in dance, studies, and drawing, ditto at work place, some completed CA and ICWA while into a full time job.
Here I was, exhausted doing one particular thing.
Multitasking has assumed all the more importance nowadays, leaving people stressed.
Humans are supposed to be able to many things, then why stress? Perhaps we are using our capabilities in a wrong way?
Later, I ignored all these, but dreams, never die. After a baby, when almost all tell us"Your life is over", I wanted a new beginning. I started my research on excellence again. Here are the outcomes.

1.Learn from others.
Chanakya rightly said "A lifetime is not enough to learn from our own mistakes".
The smart way is to learn from reading this blog..:-) you have saved five years of researching about life , how to be happy, etc:-) Spend them on yourself, your loved ones, and your career.!I have done all the stuff and happy to share..Surely its the best for all of us to learn from others as none is perfect. We got to look at others for what we don't know.

Many of us, especially women, tend to take all upon ourselves. We will not be satisfied if someone else does certain things we are used to do.
This is an important aspect. Look at all celebs and our rulers.They do only those things which are most important. All the other work is delegated to others, and just needs occasional checking.
At home, give more tasks to the maid, and complete those pending courses.

Much more in next blog on same topic..

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