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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Baffling breaks!

A mom watches her "independent" daughter cook noodles with capsicum and tons of paneer, but only after tasting it, realizes it's her recipe!
A notably healthy mom serves her underweight son ready made soups, as if he got to lose more weight!
If a woman is irritated to find socks for her husband, her stomach may not be clean, her fault!
A cookery show winner serving her malnourished kids noodles out of packet, when she is an expert in cooking.
A couple making out on elevators without the fear of slipping, breaking bones and not being able to makeout forever.

Many actresses promote cosmetic products..Can you believe that these celebs actually use hair removing creams every week like a budget limited college gal? And those cheap shampoos which aggrevate my dandruff to the next level?Really? Rofl!

That toilet cleaner ad, whose timing directly co-incides with my meals.Agree?

Hilarious are the ad-makers, who think anything seasoned with emotions, cricket and cinema will make the middle-class people form a beeline to get the product from a nearest store!

And here is icing on the cake.All these television shopping channels deserve Kela awards for their acting on how a home maker can utilize her romantic skills by using a roti maker.

A pendant can change your life from a loser to a celeb, you can grow taller at 30, can lose weight in a jiffy with some herbal tea, without moving our behinds from the couch.

Some duplicate of Chavanprash can help one seduce more than one partner.A naughty sofa can replace all the furniture, some trashy green herbal solution when applied on face can make your every inch fairer!!Wow..Wonderful..please order it right away and give all credit card details like a fool to their call centre guys!!Surprise gifts are waiting for you!! 

Never miss the enthusiasm of these shopping guides, or some girl with ample cleavage display recommending a memory boosting product (yes, brain), and a famished guy with a girl painfully explaining how you will lose everything if you dont purchase that low quality mobile with ten thousand features being given away "almost free", combined with some unnecessary gifts only for 4999 bucks!
Purchase right away!Limited stocks, whenever you switch on the TV!
These ads may not kill me, but do cause stomach ache as I laugh uncontrollably imagining what happens if I use them! Wanna try?!!

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