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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I respect men..Its my choice.

Kindly add "My Choice"in your mind  to every sentence I wrote. I feel the word will be a substitute to "Lame" for some days so I don't want to type it.:-) #Mychoice.

I said No Dowry, and men supported it in matrimonial websites. I respect men.
I have many male friends from work and school who are not sexual offenders or lecherous stalkers. I respect men.

I thank every auto driver or a cabbie who drops me safe at home. I respect men.

I stay in a relation even if it has overwhelming moments, stress and strain sometimes. I respect the relation and honour the promises I make. I respect men.

I am inspired by many male achievers. I respect and learn from men.

I avoid spending on myself for my family's needs at home, just like my fellow women and men,.I love my home. 

I knew a baby would mean delay of my ambitions. Still went ahead. I respect life and my partner's love for kids. What was that in the video about it? More than an option or will, it's responsibility. Kindly don't go on lame about unborn babies for fame in videos as if you aren't responsible for it. It's not a unilateral decision.
If you were to have sex outside marriage, or can love only temporary, and lust forever, it's your choice, or problem rather, please don't try to anoint all womankind with those precious oils of wisdom, do follow it in your own life. We, the ordinary, not famous though depressed women, may not be loose, though we are strong.

Women's liberation does not require immorality, negligence or insensitivity towards others. I always fight for women's rights but condemn treating men like idiots. That will totally defeat the purpose of gender equality.
As a woman I totally agree that we have suffered shabby treatment for ages, but I never support treating others bad. It's a shame that women are raped in this country, but there are infinite number of men who opposed sick views about us. Men are not demons. They are human, and they will support women in all the way they can, sometimes bend backwards to make us happy. 
For every rapist ,there are 1000's who taught a lesson to eve teasers.
For every dowry killer, there are many men who happily sacrifice their needs to treat wife like  a queen.
There are special privileges for us at work place, policies framed by guys.

I respect men and am very proud of it. Its My Choice.

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