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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Inspiration and success.

Hope all bounced back to work after a nice weekend. Hope all had a great time with their family and friends.
Time is the most crucial thing. We can either spend it waiting to get inspired, or get the work started.
The difference between those who do and those who don't is "Inspiration".
Have you noticed kids who top the class despite being from a poor family?Have you seen the others who are doing well, but do not study as their parents are not able to give him that Xbox, or get him that expensive bike?
Pay attention to the emotions of that kid there.
Inspiration, depression, feeling low, envy, unhappiness, boredom, all these our emotions. Let's keep them aside and work.They should not be a part of our daily routine, though emotions are a part of human life.
Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog is a good read. He asks us not to wait for any inspiration, rather start your work,  you then get inspired instantly.
There is no point feeling bad, uninspired or low when we can rather put that time into use by starting to work. We have to get over our emotions and feelings to get perfect results.
Emotions are not our masters. We should have control over them. Mindless crushes which go on for years, and feelings of heartbreak even after we know that person has no respect for us come under this category.
Inspirational reading is a great thing but I say, please read blogs or books for only ten minutes to get inspired, and start your working for the day.
Also, no point in watching TV and web surfing for hours trying to get inspired.Robin Sharma's take on this topic is really cool.Rather than watching celebs on Tv and increasing TRPs, why not do something for yourself?
Beware. Not following your plans for a while can make the mind really numb, and becomes a difficult pattern to get rid of.
Failure is not a bad thing at all. I have seen a pathetic example of a girl who is semi qualified for a professional course, but had a relative who constantly told her she cannot be an auditor, cannot control people etc. She was highly intelligent, but grew cowardly everyday.
Is there any need to listen to others when they speak nonsense about you? Nobody, however rich, powerful, good-looking, successful or closely related need to influence you. Let us never give anyone that privilege to control us.
It was such a pity that she fell into that trap of inferiority complex, gave up her studies and settled for a mediocre life, backed with regrets. She is miserable. Her mind knows subconsciously that she is capable of much more..She refuses to acknowledge that. Even worse, she has a spouse who gladly takes advantage of her low feelings, belittles her even more, and she never got what she wanted as she is afraid to talk back, afraid to eat alone, or be by herself.
I always maintain that the world treats you exactly the way you treat yourself.
Many are controlled by their spouse, parents, friends and superiors who belittle them. Inspiration slowly drowns itself in criticism.
Inspiration is within us.No success can keep us inspired for long. We have to create positive feelings afresh every day. 
Success and failure are just happenings. We need not judge anyone or ourselves on the basis of  what happens.
I believe God has left some things to our Will. Our birth, family etc, are not in our control, but our feelings and actions are. Our future has to be carefully thought of, as there is no point in having same regrets a couple of years later.

It is great to love what we do. It is the best gift we give ourselves.

Have an inspiring week ahead!

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