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Monday, 2 February 2015

Mind rules the body.

(Its been a long time..really..after a kid arrives, life will become blissfully busy. I tried to resist the temptation of losing myself in the bliss of motherhood but I failed.And I love this failure.I can proudly say that if I ever gave something my 100 percent, that is being a mom.!Later I took a break for my ICWA, passed stage 1, and took a break from blogging due to technical side affects on the laptop a child can cause.:-)I am now in Pune, as my hubby is working there, and took this long time to have time for blogging.)

Nowadays I am wondering about little things we often forget as we get busy living. How many of us have the habit of thinking over their health?Our weekends are spent taking rest or spending money at the malls which relax us and take one quarter of our months salary in shopping and food!We are busy updating our profiles on Facebook, sharing jokes on Watsapp..but who will take care of that bad tooth which aches occasionally or that pending Thyroid check up or that most important Pap Smear test?
Many of the people, just like I do suffer from fatigue .Let's first go to a doctor for any health prob. Later, lets see some mind related issues which  cause the health problem.

Chronic fatigue is seen in people who are creative but take no time out to express their talent.
Sleeping too much means the person lacks some vital vitamins , also he or she is unhappy about an issue in their life which is unresolved.
Mild depression is the result of lack of exercise and frequent guilt.

However rich, however poor, none can get their past back.Though occasional feeling low is common among people, it is a wise thing to concentrate on what we can do to avoid a similar situation in the future.
Break-ups have become a primary cause of depression and heart related problems.All I can say is that, yes it was bad..but we love in such an over populated country that we will soon find that special someone.
Lost a job?I know a guy who lost a software job, started a dry cleaning and laundry shop .He is very happy and is earning better.

I remember getting very depressed at the age of 22 as I had many losses in life.By the time I was 25, I thanked God for all I lost.I also realized that depression is just a waste of time.
I cannot lie.Even today if I look at some stuff, I feel unhappy.But I deal with it than feel bad.That the lesson we should learn.Deal with it than seal it inside and be unhappy.

I do not support the notion  "Living happily ever after" stuff. Every stage of life comes with its own challenges. None ever discloses all that is going is not perfect .Let's squeeze the best out of it even if its hard. I have done the same during my exams. I don't give up my studies even if it's tough as I never know what happens in the future.I don't want to waste time (despite a busy schedule) and repent it later.
Many of my friends are real fighters. I know a guy who passes his ICWA without coaching. He did his full time MBA at the same time .He had no money but his brave attempts gave him success.
I know women who separated from their nasty husbands and brought up kids on their own.
Have a look at Stop Acid attacks page on Facebook. Sheroes ...great gals...They truly inspire me.
I see that as I am doing my best to reach my goals, it makes me happy.I donno about the result, but I am happy.

My next blog will be about losing that unwanted fat.Watch out.Coming soon is about online shopping and best deal..tried and tested:-)

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