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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Your dreams Vs your age.

Hi again, How have you been.Hope you are doing great.
All these days of mine were spent watching Robin Sharma's videos, Ramit Sethi's one week MBA, and other inspiring stuff.Please read Ashwin Sanghi's new book, 13 steps to Bloody Good luck.

Remember those times in teens?and childhood?We were so happy, and dreamy all the time.Some of us dream to be the best in the world in at least one aspect.Some inspire other kids too.Fast forward 20 years.We are all turning 30 or more.Some have got what they want.What about the remaining?
Which group do you belong?If you have planned really well and reached all your goals, I am really happy for you.

My concerns are for those who did not.Because I fall into that category.Welcome to the gang of Late Bloomers.
Let us see what might have gone wrong.Some unexpected illness, a tragedy in the family, financial difficulties?Or losing confidence and getting scared a midst all this?Having to take responsibilities at a young age leaving behind the dreams?Guess a lucky few have faced these, but still surged ahead..but many like me became victims of the situation.I am not encouraging that pattern of thoughts of the past.
I am looking into all of our futures.

We became self-declared average achievers secretly.We wonder in our oh so painful free time "what did I dream of? What happened?That depression keeps us away from taking a bold step into the future.
Sadly this world we live in , terms 20s as the most delicious time of life where one enjoys lots of
attention with a great career and a wedding and a child and what not.
If someone cant be a success during this period, they are termed failures.
Twenties are used to gauge a person which is so very wrong.Let's change the perception.

I was terrified about my dreams by the time I was 23.I gave up.I saw myself reaching 24, 25, and thought..may be I can't.I started living a mediocre life with no self-development activities or thoughts.
For a mentality like that, 27, 28, 29 will be the most terrible we finish another decade..reaching 30.
But in that fear itself we have to take steps to fulfill our old dreams.Because as long as we keep quiet, they will continue to torture us,Forever,

The idea I want to share with all is its never too late to re-re-restart our lives all over again.Today someone will surely humiliate us, but a year later, we humbly declare our achievements.Age doesn't matter.Mindset does.I know people who cleared the most challenging exams in 50s, Getting into ISB after retirement?Yes, a woman has done it already.

Many authors gave up their cushy well paid jobs to start writing at the age of 33, only to face rejection and insults.
Actresses like Vidya Balan have reached the top in their 30s.Chitrangada Singh dares to challenge younger heroines at 38.

Every effort we make at any age, or any time will surely lead to some great change.Please start now, as you still have a life.A saying goes"Even if you lost everything, you have your future.""No man is rich enough to buy his past".
Goal Setting and age:-
I have every right to say that we should now start goal setting for our birthdays as I have tried this and it feels fantastic.

As I turn 29 this year, I shall learn driving.
Till my birthday, I will finish that MBA.
I will be a fit guy by the time I turn 30..
These are some examples.
I truly support this self-conceived concept(:-)) as it removes any laziness in us, its very inspiring and exciting to set goals and work towards them practically.
Also, it makes every year of our life more meaningful.
Please share your valuable experiences in the comments box.
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