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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The path to happiness.-1 (The truth.)

Hi All,
Its been a really long time.All these days I was getting to hear so many opinions about happiness. From others and myself..
I am speaking only truth about happiness, which comes from my experience of life since the year 2000 as a fifteen year old teenager surrounded by uncertainties of life.
Today I can proudly say i am happy, though did not accumulate any wealth, which I still believe will be mine, soon :-).
"I dont want to be happy, I just want to be great".Priyanka Chopra smartly summed up recently.
That left me pondering.
The truth about happiness.
It will never come to you till you stop chasing it.
Look for it, you will be miserable.
Just give yourself a goal"I will work for my family better", or "I will develop a new hobby or learn new stuff". Happiness comes running to you.
Trust me  .I have been an unhappy child who saw that all her peers were happy. I was always searching for it. I spent many miserable years, lost many opportunities as I was not happy.
Miserable, gloomy, depressed, low, I have seen it all.

 I thought it will be in money, fame, success, love etc..I have tasted some of them, and now I know it has no existence other than what we give it. Its like a baby which has to be brought into existence as an individual from an unknown fetus.

The downside of this Tryst for happiness exists in the form of laziness. I have seen many people(including me) limit themselves saying"I am happy" or "I am unhappy" ignoring some important aspects of life, and repenting later .Please don't let happiness or want for it spoil your future plans.
It will be a great thing if that state of happiness stays forever, but human mind is so complex. It will fill us with regrets as bonus with unhappiness sometimes.
It made me realize that however big or small our goals are, we should never stop working on what we want with excuses of being happy or unhappy.

I have seen very successful people from close. They are happy to travel in a bus as they are in a plane. They are happy and not complaining even working in rural areas with no amenities, though they live in super luxurious homes.
I close it with a conclusion from my experience. The happiest people do not actually have the happiest life. They have just chosen to be happy, no matter what.

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