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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fitness foods:Good and Bad.

One question I get to hear almost all the time from friends and relatives is "How to lose that unwanted fat near abs and waist?How to have just the right weight?"These questions are not from the chubby ones only.Even people who are thin face some issues like belly fat and low energy.
There are two dimensions to remaining fit.
Exercise and Diet.
The third and the least talked about in this optimistic brave faced world is Health condition of a person.You see, we hate to talk about illnesses.We usually leave a sick, or worried person to keep it a secret, rather than talk about it and lower his image in the great Society's eyes.

Move, move!
 I will share some exercise tips.I would like to talk about how important exercise is, so that it will motivate you to have a schedule of your own.
A fetus in the mom's womb starts moving around at the age of four months.The uterus is their playground.It is nature's way of providing exercise to the baby.
We all must have done it too.But as we grow older, we choose to neglect it to become couch potatoes or busy bees ,later complain of low energy and excessive weight.
Exercise for the heavier or medium built should ideally be concentrated around burning calories.
For the thin ones, it should be for a calming effect on mind, as they are more prone to stress due to poor eating habits.Consult a doctor before you start anything.

Eat right .
I was really surprised when someone said Brownies are eaten with Icecream.Yummmmmy..but is it good for the tummy? Brownies are super caloricious and delicious.Add Icecream and its a mountain of fat.Though I am too thin, I would definitely avoid it or just have three spoons of it.I remember a doc telling me that even underweight people should not consume fatty, oily stuff.Its not good for anyone.
Let's know that once in a while this stuff is alright.But we see that these foods have crept into our lifestyle and its seen as a matter of pity if someone is opposing this.Lets know that very few eatery businesses will think about your health.Diabetes and heart problems have become quiet common in the Cola generation.
For burning that belly fat,we need to strictly avoid certain foods and have healthier diet.
Avoid things which are too refined..Kindly think about the ingredients of the food you want to eat.Too many chemicals, colours ,synthetic stuff or preservatives are never good for health.

Most important
Don't reduce the amount of food drastically.Go for smaller solid  portions, six times a day, and add fruits , raw vegetable salads to diet.Our diet should have at least 30% of raw food. with high fibre content.This will reduce deposits of fat in the body, but will keep you energised throughout the day.
1.Don't ever skip a breakfast.
2.Have a glass of milk with a protein supplement everyday, twice.
3.Never forget to have a small evening snack.It may be cornflakes or a fruit.
4.Take green tea as it detoxifies.
5.Never encourage an empty stomach, as it leads to acidity and mind related issues.(Recent studies revealed that.)
6.Take buttermilk with a little salt when you feel you cannot wait till the dinner time.
7.Instant noodles.use them only during emergency.
8.Great sleep keeps your weight under check.Try to have undisturbed sleep.
9.Use small steel glasses for coffee and tea rather than big mugs.
10.Water keeps one active.Have it frequently.

General Health:-
Everyone should go for a complete check up, including dental checkup once or twice a year.
Thyroid issues are more in number nowadays, which cause obesity , underweight, depression and lack of sleep.Please go for the checkup every six months.
This generation of ours is very fortunate in financial aspects.We spend so much money when we go out with families for shopping, movies, food, etc.Lets spend one tenth of it on regular health check ups, or health insurances (if our employers don't provide it).Think of me as too cautious, but its always better to be safe.
Kindly share if you know some tips too.
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