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Saturday, 18 July 2015


I shall not give up my subsidy as I belong to a caste which doesnot get plots, free education , support , medicines, job and many other things unless I struggle a lot. Even if I rot in poverty the government will not care, as I am not a part of that precious vote bank.Kindly don't try to rob me of some few hundred rupees of subsidy.My forefathers have already given up so many things so that you guys make the poor voters happy.We got inferior seats in colleges, paid for it so that privilaged poor student who was actually richer than me has your support. Private sector is the only place where I could grow according to my talent, someone tried to get those reserved for the rich poor. We struggle all life to pay home loan EMIs but the poor will be given this at minimum price.Ask the already privileged ones to give up free stuff.I am all for supporting the poor but that should benefit all the poor whatever community they belong to.I am already the scapegoat of votebank politics .Enough of sacrifices.

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