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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Help from the sky.

Its not God I am taking about.
Actual sky?Really, you might wonder, but it's a definite stress buster.

Do you remember the meals in childhood, when mom showed us the moon as we refuse to eat?
Even today it is a good way to deal with kids who are fussy eaters.

Recently I  read about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's advice about how one can harness positive energy from the skies. I am unsure about the spiritual side of it, but surely vouch for my own experience with Sky watching.

I remember reading from B.V.Pattabhiram's book for students that looking at skies is an exercise which relaxes you, and that is why all the sportspersons look at the skies when tired, or when they win.

Think about the sky, now.

The vast sky streched endlessly..another world altogether.
Summer nights, look at the constellations, the occasional comet or satellite passing by..

Sky represent the darkness and light of human life. At twilight, what a's neither dark nor bright.

Sky is the most universal resource available freely to all for viewing without any discrimination.
Wherever and whenever, we can just stare out into the skies, regardless what is happening around us.

When was the last time you went to the terrace? and spent atleast twenty minutes staring at the skies..?

It surely clears our mind of stress.The scientific truth behind this feeling - all our thoughts stop for a while as we stare at the sky.
A sure way to relax, try it.

Along with the countless gadgets we use, a telescope would be a great investment. One of the best moments of my life were when I looked at the craters on moon with a telescope.
Try to look at the moon just like we did in childhood.
Everytime its a feeling of awe and wonder.
I feel there is nothing to worry as long as we all get to see the countless stars, moon and some beautiful planets above us..I am unable to express more, please check it out yourselves and do share your thoughts in the comments box below:-)

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