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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Women and Power denied.

Years ago in my teens I remember reading an article called "Vidura Neethi" where it was written that "Women should be away from Politics and positions".
I am not at all sure if he really meant that or the words were someone's imagination, fiction, I don't know. Keeping all emotions in control, I have the following to say.
Power is not a piece of cake people hand over to us. It is a right every woman deserves.
It is already with her if given or not, or she knows or not.
I happened to catch a glimpse of Tamilnadu's CM Ms.Jayalalithaa the other day.I am so lucky to live near by.
I remember being celeb crazy for that moment. So successful, happy and very caring for the people who trust her. She is the best example of a powerful woman. I am not speaking of any controversy , as they are a part of everyone's life.
For centuries, women through out the world have been assigned the gigantic task of looking after the homes, and used to get belittled about it. Even today the favorite one liner of most men is "what have you been doing all day at home"?
Hope they all realize now why our country is still a "developing" nation. For centuries we lost great "woman" power in various fields, restricting her role to gving birth and cooking.
Have you seen how women from the earlier generations are frustrated? Especially mothers-in-law.
They have been denied power all the way in their life, and when the most awaited victim called "Bahu" comes, it was their turn to "get and use" their power.That was the only powerful duration of their life and the cycle continued... Much to their dismay now, nuclear families are on rise.
Mindsets have changed over the years,ambitious women have succeeded in doing what they want. At the age when they should have been nagging the poor Bahu, they are helping people raise funds for projects. We have proved them all wrong.
I am very sure that earlier men were afraid of being sidelined as women are efficient in whatever they do. They did not know how to handle that.
Now men are happily giving away all their earlier coveted "Head of the family" rights to their women who are balancing homes, careers and hobbies with great efficiency.
I know that despite my being so positive, there are hundreds of women suffering everyday, and nasty comments are being made at every successful woman.We are listening happily coz we know we made someone jealous! (How womanly!)

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