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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Emotional food(L)s??!

Hi all,
The recent downfall of a noodles giant has got me thinking. It seems a great ad man from this country is of the opinion that"In India if you show emotion, family, or cricket related stuff in the ads, the product's sales will be skyrocketing.'!
Is it actually our fault to make people think this way about the enormous middle class?Please give it a thought.We are so large in number that most of the multi-billionare families and firms are manufacturers of products which are within our reach. But does it mean that they sell us anything? and show on ads like it brings"Happiness" and we run for it!!?
I am in favour of good quality products at lesser price and convenience for a woman, but how many of us actually bother to check what if somethings wrong with this?
People in my neighbourhood gave me"you are low class" looks when I said long ago that I do not give my kid noodles every week..its very rare at my home. As we all learnt our lesson the very big shocking way which is taking more than two weeks to digest, let us all be careful about what they sell us in the name of emotions and family happiness..Saying "Eat this, and you are a happy family" or "Replace your family dessert with this packed stuff" and "Serve your guests nothing but our aerated drinks" is really overboard.
Hope they will be careful now on about what they are packing..we need healthiest possible food in packets, please don't add emotions to it.
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