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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Unforgettable Copenhagen.

Today I am sharing a travel experience for the first time in my blog.
What is safe, unforgettable, breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly safe for women?
It is a city called Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.
I visited Denmark in May 2014.
I still tell my family N times how I want to go there and get a whiff of that Scandinavian air.
The only very small problem we faced was that vegetarian food not being available at an instant.
Ofcourse, there are many Pakistani restaurants using Indian names and serving deliciousIndo Pak cuisine, they gladly serve us vegetarian food.
What really touched my heart, at the same time made me hang my head in shame was, Copenhagen people proudly calling their city, "Rape free".
The feminist in me cried, the Indian in me felt insulted as it was the unfortunate time when a Danish woman was assaulted in Delhi.
I am in love with Denmark and the Nordic Regions. I so love Scandinavian way of life.
Everyone from Directors of well known companies to students, were seen riding bicycles.
Yeah, Denmark has the best standard of Bicycle manufacture.
Various famed brands of Beer are Made in Denmark. Carlsberg is the most popular.
With a population of 55 lakh people, Danish are the happiest in the world.
Copenhagen tops the list of "The most liveable cities in the world."
How sweet! Just like the famed Danish!
Also, it will be bright till 8 p.m in Denmarkduring summers, and it gets dark by 5 p.m in winters.
Kids are gonna love the LEGO and the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen.

Nyhavn is a place in Copenhagen where people love to hangout.
The Danish are passionate about music, and actively take part in related activities.
Since I cannot go and stay there, I watch a lot of Danish Movies on Youtube. I shall share some of the best in oher posts of mine.Please enjoy this visual treat and plan a trip soon!

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