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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Do not complain, be happy!!

Hi People,
Luvvly to c u all!!
I am a young mom now!!my boy is just 2 months old....
Through out the pregnancy I was advised bed rest, so I got to watch a lllots of Television..and as u all know, there are these 24 hour news channels, which have no other good work but to say "how we r living in the worse country of the world, how many health problems are we facing, and how this generation is utterly unfortunate as we have almost no joint families ,how stress is making our lives hell etc etc..
I don't know how much revenue these guys are earning but am darn sure that this all nonsense is being telecast only to fill their 24 hour much of negativity is not required in our lives for sure!!
I want to tell them we are fine in nuclear families, as there are less ego clashes and more independence..Joint family means too many adjustments some times, and having to live according to many others' convenience and wishes, which sometimes leads to very big chaos at homes..
We are fine with the 'stress' facetor..It keeps us more ambitious, we are utilizing brains to the fullest!!
We are living in the best country.. we manufacture medicines, are living peacefully,...All the problems are like the occasional rashes on my face..they will fade away !!

Watch out for more on my blog everyday and I am sure you will luvv ur country, your life and also the most important person in the world..Yourself!!
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