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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Top 10 "Life" Myths Busted.

Hey, how you have been?
I turned 30 recently. I am feeling refreshed, new, and good. Reason? Yeah, the twenties are never gonna be back :-( but left so many life lessons.
I really love to share my learnings from good, bad and ugly situations of life. I know I will be talked about in a "different " manner after all these revealations, but I think some people will agree with me. Also, if you are still in your twenties, you may feel atleast two of the mentioned points are true. I am not saying this from Spiritual point of view..Just crisp truths of life.

1. Do not expect anything from anyone.
Lol..This makes me cry with humour. Nothing else makes me ROFL.
Parents expect children to be healthy. Students expect to pass the exam. Likewise, there are expectations from humans too. Parents search from post to pillar for a good guy/girl for their child,,background checks etc..What does this all mean? We do expect from others, so do everyone.
It is not a crime, but motivation to live a better life than we think. If no one expects anything, world would not grow this way. I would not have a laptop to share these thoughts with all, if none expected to grow beyond wheel and stone.

2. The Rich are unhappy
Another joke I have often heard since childhood. I grew up hearing this whenever I expressed my want for more money in life, and had great ambitions. Yes, it did blind me for a decade, but I am back to square one of my overambitious self. We can be happy, rich or otherwise. Money is a lifeless thing and has no role in our sadness or happiness. It is how we spend it and how smart we think.

3. Happiness comes first.
I have never been happy while preparing for my June Icwa Inter examinations. I had severe wisdom tooth pain, we just shifted, I lived on soups, and the unpacking..too much. I was tempted once to give up that discomfort and go for "happiness" of exploring new life. But I resisted the urge after reading about Arun Pudur. I recently got the result and I am on Cloud Nine. This is happiness. Often at the mass level we are confusing happiness with comfort zones and refusing to let it go.

4. Parents are Gods.
I say this with sadness. N number of parental abuses are happening everyday in India. Does this remain a universal truth anymore that Parents are Gods? Look at the Sheena Bora case.
 Parents are Gods, as they gave us this life like the Creator. They nurture us carefully and will do everything for us. If they are mean or evil, like abusers, everyone should raise voice than saying parents are Gods, listen to them whatever they say, End of the day, we are all human. We have to understand that certain situations can make an evil of everyone, and all the times intentions are not the same. Even Parents should stop thinking themselves as Gods and try to control every aspect of kids' lives even after they grow up.
It is fortunate that nowadays parents are very friendly to kids, and are open to suggestions after a stage. It is no longer cool to be a controlling parents, but the opposite is.

5. I can love unconditionally.
Unconditional love is superhuman. We can love a person, perhaps in any given condition except if they turn against us or harm us. See, there is a condition. Also, we cannot love everyone  unconditionally.
That means unconditional love is limited to a few of our choice. How many conditions was that?
Nothing comes in life without a price tag. The moment we know it, all the illusions disappear.

6. The world loves the virtuous.
Really? Again, I may be virutuous. Would you follow me or Deepika Padukone, (who is virtuous, gorgeous and famous ) on Twitter?
There are so many unsung heroes around us.We prefer to worship a famous achiever than a making  really virtuous person around us famous.

7. Love is everything in life.
Our bollywood has the best answer to this. Pyar se pet nahi bharta. Love is an emotion plus a responsibility to fulfil promises. Absence of either one makes it invalid.

8. You should love your work, not money.
We all love to hear certain humble things from super achievers. Just a moment of thought. I love what I do without pay at my home for my family. But outside, we all work for money. Imagine that your employer is unable to pay you. How many of us can actually continue working?
This statement often comes from people who have seen the highest of highs.Yes, I totally agree about being in love with our work, but atleast a small amount of money makes it interesting rather than being unpaid.

9. Don't be attached to material things, they are temporary.
Yeah, that movie will last only three hours, I know it will be gone later so I enjoy it now.The fact that even life is temporary makes it even thrilling to live. I will lust now for whatever I have. Coz when they are gone, I cannot.

10. Bitter truths cannot be digested.
Yeah, I agree, It takes years .May be some antacids. It is so painful to accept some truths that I have goose bumps right now. We have two choices. Human mind is designed to sugar coat what we cannot take.
But once we taste bitterness behind that illusion, it may do a lot of good for us.Think for yourself.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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